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It should be known that many of the answers to these questions were found over years of people having similar problems in doctors’ offices and these are the solutions they have found to work.

What kind of shoes will this work in?

The Foot-Chair works best in a gym shoe. Golf shoes, tennis shoes, walking or running shoes are best. Larger dress shoes that tie will usually fit as well. The toe-box of most casual shoes varies a lot and they might not fit into many of these.

The Foot-Chair Slim works best in casual or dress shoes.  This version is thinner with a lower profile so that it will fit into more shoes without causing too much crowding. The Foot-Chair Slim can be placed on top of the liner that comes with the shoes and no changes need to take place when using this version.

What do I do if the orthotics squeak in my shoes?

The squeaking is the rubbing of the side of the orthotic and the material on the inside of your shoe. Baby powder in your shoe is a temporary answer, but for more long-term relief of the squeaking, you will need to change on the material on the insert that contacts the shoe. We have found that masking tape works very well along the edge of the orthotic. If this doesn’t work, you can have a podiatrist grind down the edges so they don’t contact the side of the shoe with the same force.

Can I wear them when I work out?

Absolutely. This is what they were made for. The insert is built to function like a shock-absorber. It should take a lot of stress and strain away from all your joints and other supportive structures of your body.

How long do they last?

This varies from person to person. Someone who is on their feet all day and carrying heavy loads is going to have to replace them sooner than a person who sits at a desk all day. Basically, we designed The-Foot-Chair Plus and The Foot-Chair Slim to last 10-12 months for the average person’s activity and body weight. The material will usually still be there, but the top cover may be compressed, or the plastic shell may be too broken down and not hold up your arch as it did when it was new.

One trick you can also use is that when the orthotic doesn’t feel like it is holding you up like it used to, you can add another pad under the arch support (arch cookie) and this may give you the support you have lost as a result of the wear and tear of the material.  Just a thought.

The arch is too far forward, what do I do?

If you have the Foot-Chair Plus, you can put an arch cookie under the top cover a little farther back than you usually would. This usually makes up for the plastic arch being too far forward for your foot. There are exceptions to this and some people do all this and it still doesn’t fit right. This is definitely a sign you need to be casted for a custom orthotic by your local Podiatrist.

The arch is too far back, what do I do?

If you have the Foot-Chair Plus, you can put an arch cookie under the top cover a little farther forward than you usually would. This usually makes up for the plastic in the arch being too far back for your foot. There are exceptions to this and some people do all this and it still doesn’t fit right. This is definitely a sign you need to be casted for a custom orthotic by your local Podiatrist.

The arch is too high, what do I do?

If the arch support is too high you may either return the pair.  If this is the case, please let us know.  Feedback is always important.  We have tried many different shapes of orthotics to come up with the one we are offering now.  If there is something to change or modify we are always willing to do that to make our product better.

They don't hurt my feet, but when I wear them my feet become more painful.

There is one situation when The Foot-Chair might not be something that works for you. If you start to have increased burning and/or numbness in your feet after wearing the insert, please take it out of your shoes. This is usually a case of a nerve entrapment in your foot. The nerve is inflamed and when you put the insert under your foot, this added pressure under your arch the condition worsened. This is not a permanent problem and does not cause permanent damage. Removing the insert reverses the problem. In this case, you need to seek help from a Board Certified Podiatrist immediately.

Can they get wet?

Yes, The Foot-Chair Plus and The Foot-Chair Slim are both waterproof. They are made of water-resistant materials. However, you must remember that if they do get wet, water increases friction in small amounts, such as in a shoe. Therefore, if your insert gets wet while you are hiking there is an increased chance of wear and tear of the top-cover due to increased sheer forces and friction between your foot and the insert.

How do I get them in my shoes?

Most ‘tennis shoes’ and gym shoes have a liner that the company provides. This liner is usually ‘spot glued’ in place or just slides out on its own. REMOVE this liner before putting the insert in your shoe. If you do not do this, the insert and the liner together might be too much material and the shoe will fit too tight.

Usually, you do not need to go through this process if you have purchased the Slim version.  The Slim is thin enough that it can just be placed on top of the liner that normally comes with the shoe.  So when using The Slim you do not need to remove the liner from your shoes.

How does The Foot-Chair Plus differ from The Foot-Chair Slim?

The Foot-Chair Plus will fit better in athletic shoes that are tie, or at times, more casual or dress shoes that tie (this applies to mostly men’s shoes as these are usually larger).  The Foot-Chair Slim is a more low-profile arch support designed to fit into more casual or slip-on shoes.  The shell is thinner and the topcover is also thinner as well as being 3/4 length so it will fit into more shoes with a smaller toe-box.

Both the FootChair Plus and The FootChair Slim can be modified to increase the arch as needed as well as the ability to move the curvature of the arch forward and back as necessary.

What if I need more of the pads that come with The Foot-Chair Plus?

The pads that increase the height of the arch are very affordable and are sold on this website individually.

What makes The Foot Chair better than the others?

The Foot Chair has an arch support made of polypropylene which is a flexible plastic yet very durable. It is modeled after a custom orthotic which cost around $400-500 or more. It is contoured to the natural shape of a person’s arch. Many other brands just have a high flange on the inside of the arch only, or are too soft. The Foot Chair increases the height of the arch throughout the entire length, in a natural form. In addition, The Foot-Chair Plus allows the customer to modify the arch themselves, to their own comfort. The templates that are available with The Foot Chair Plus increase the arch height a little at a time so it is tolerable to the customer and are also contoured for the arch so that none of the edges are prominent enough to irritate the bottom of the foot.

Are The Foot-Chair arch supports guaranteed? Yes, 100% for the first 30 days from purchase.

We want to be sure that all our customers are completely satisfied with their purchase. You may need to trim or adjust the orthotic.   If you need to cut The FootChair or modify it in any way and then decide you don’t want it we will still take it back and give you a full-refund within 30 days of purchase.